Basis by Elysium Health: My Experience After One Year

I previously wrote a post when I started using Basis by Elysium Health exactly one year ago today. I wanted to update with my experience using this product over the last year. My old post includes a link to request a working coupon code that will give you a FREE month with your first order–with a prepaid subscription of 6 months or longer. FYI, the discount will not show up in your cart until AFTER you have created an account by entering in your address, email address, etc.

My experience has overall been quite positive. It is a bit odd to try to quantify this, since it is almost entirely subjective. I prefer to use hard science when possible, but I have little in the way of evidence to offer (my numbers on my annual physical exam were better this year than last year, but I have also done other things such as cut sugar entirely out of my diet–no more cheat day!–in that time frame, and the numbers could just as easily be due to those positive changes). So, my anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of Basis boils down to this: I feel better. I think I look better (and many others agree). I actually turned 50 a few months ago, and people commonly tell me that they assumed I was in my late 30s. My skin seems to be slightly more elastic. I put on muscle a bit more easily ( I notice gains in the gym quickly). My endurance is heightened–I commonly do an hour on the elliptical when I visit the gym, with no difficulty (no shortness of breath and no lingering fatigue). I sleep better. I actually feel for the first time what people might call a “spring in my step”–I walk lightly and with ease–although this could of course be chalked up to the fact that I have developed stronger thighs and calf muscles. All of these things are inextricably linked, and I can’t narrow them down to any one factor (is the spring in my step due to Basis or due to the increased muscularity of my legs–and, if it is my leg muscles, are they bigger now because of the Basis? It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg conundrum).

Although I cannot say definitively that these positive changes are due to taking Basis, I can say that I believe that they are at least partly due to my year-long twice-daily dose of Basis. If you would like to try it for yourself, you can get a free month by contacting me and requesting an invitation.

Edit to say: sorry to anyone who has tried to contact me recently! I just discovered my contact form was not working correctly. Please try again.

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