Pure For Men Is Not a Scam, but It IS a Rip-off—Save Your Money!

If you have opened Grindr or spent much time looking at the gay press lately, you have probably seen some ads pop up for a new product called “Pure for Men”. It is a product that promises to “Keep your runway clear for landing” (a clever tag line—these guys are great at marketing—which is good, since the success of their product is mostly due to that marketing). Pure for Men is basically a bulking laxative that promises to make your bowel movements more easily and completely eliminated from your body, leaving your lower colon “clean”—and ready for bottoming. No more enemas or shower wands—several customers have said they just shower and they are good to go without any additional preparation.

Psyllium, Ground Flaxseed, and Ground Chia

Psyllium, Ground Flaxseed, and Ground Chia

Does Pure for Men work? Yes. It’s as simple as that. It is made from three natural and readily available products, Psyllium Husk (the main ingredient in many popular constipation remedies—Metamucil, for example), Chia Powder, and Flaxseed Powder. The product’s recommended dosage is 2 or 3 capsules, TWICE a day. The product has glowing reviews on Amazon, as well as on their own website.

So, I believe the product is effective, and I know that many people are happy with it (I can also personally attest that it has been effective for me), so it is definitely NOT a scam. But at the prices they are charging, I would say that it definitely qualifies as a rip-off, and I’m going to explain why, as well as explain how you can save yourself some money.

The amount of the “proprietary blend” of psyllium, chia, and flaxseed in each of the capsules is 750 mg. This makes the total amount of the product taken at one time 1500 or 2250 mg, depending on whether the customer chooses to take two or three capsules (and remember, you have to take these capsules twice each day). As of the date I am writing this, and for at least the last month or so, the price on Amazon has been $24.99 for 120 capsules, and $14.99 for 60 capsules. Taken at the rate of two capsules twice a day, the bottle of 120 would last for 30 days, and would cost 83 cents per day. If you opt for the 6 capsules per day route, that goes down to 20 days, or $1.25 per day. The smaller bottle has an even higher daily average cost ($1.00 per day at 4 capsules, $1.50 per day at 6 capsules). Given the amount of product in these capsules, and the actual cost of those readily-available products, this price is outrageous, and you can save yourself a ton of money and get the same results by simply mixing your own batch at home!

As mentioned previously, the main component of Pure for Men is plain old psyllium husk. I was able to purchase a very affordable 1.5 pound bag of ORGANIC psyllium husk on Amazon for $13.99. You can find it here (prices on Amazon update regularly in order for them to stay competitive, so the pricing may differ).  I also purchased a 3 pound bag of ground flaxseed for $13.65, and 10 ounces of organic ground chia seed for $7.84 (again, current pricing may differ).

At this point, I had to make some assumptions about the nature of Pure for Men’s “proprietary blend”. We know the three products they use, but we can use some educated guesses about their proportions. Because psyllium husk is the product most commonly used for this type of laxative/constipation product, and because it is listed first on the ingredients, it is safe to assume that the bulk of the blend is made up of psyllium husk. I assumed 60% psyllium husk, and 20% each for the other two items. If you are wondering what the reason is for including chia and flaxseed powders, we can actually look to the “questions and answers” section of the reviews on Amazon to see the answers that were posted directly by the makers of Pure for Men. They say, “Pure for Men also contains Chia and Flaxseed which are great sources of insoluble fiber – very important for the physical scrubbing-like cleaning that occurs as the supplement passes through your digestive tract.” In any case, both chia and flaxseed are known to be good for your body, with high levels of Omega-3s, so their inclusion here can only benefit you. I can also tell you that I have tried my formulation (instructions at the end) and that of Pure for Men, and the results seem identical to me.

Here comes the math! At my chosen 60/20/20 ratio, I mixed 1.5 pounds of psyllium husk ($13.99), .5 pounds of ground flaxseed ($2.28), and .5 pounds of ground chia seed ($6.27). The total cost of my batch of Pure for Men knockoff? $22.54. So, I now have 2.5 pounds of blended psyllium/chia/flaxseed. What do I do with it, and how does the cost compare to Pure for Men? Two point five pounds is equivalent to 1,134,980 milligrams. We know the dosage is two or three 750 mg capsules, so if we assume two capsules (1500 mg), the cost of the

1/4 teaspoon on the micro-scale

1/4 teaspoon on the micro-scale

same dose when you blend your own batch is 3 cents per dose or a total of 6 cents per day! At three capsules (2250 mg), the cost is 4.5 cents per dose, or 9 cents per day. That means the Pure for Men is charging you 14 or 15 TIMES what you would pay by mixing these ingredients yourself! For less than the cost of a single month of Pure for Men, you can mix up a batch of your own that will last you LONGER THAN A YEAR!

If you want to save yourself some money, here is how you can do it. Go to Amazon and buy the three products linked above (or smaller sizes, if you wish—there are plenty of options on amazon). I measured the ingredients two different ways, using sophisticated and accurate scales: by VOLUME and by WEIGHT, and I found that the density is practically negligible in this case—meaning you do not need a fancy scale, you can simply measure by volume. The easiest way to do this is to use an identical scoop for each of the items in the blend, and put three scoops of the psyllium, one scoop of the chia powder, and one scoop of the flaxseed powder, to achieve our desired 60/20/20 ratio. Once you have put the ingredients together, blend them thoroughly! I would stir them with a whisk for at least a minute to insure even distribution of all ingredients. I would freeze any leftover chia or flaxseed in an airproof container (they both have fats that will go rancid over time, especially if exposed to high temperatures or air or light). Once mixed, I put my blend into an airtight container, and I store it in the fridge.

3/4 teaspoon in the bottom of a pint glass

3/4 teaspoon in the bottom of a pint glass

The final hurdle is deciding how much to take. I have a very accurate scale that measures in 1 mg increments. However, we know that we do not have to be precise in this instance—it is not like this is actual medicine, where a tiny difference in dosage can have disastrous consequences. The makers themselves recommend anywhere between 1500 mg and 2250 mg per dose—quite a wide range! I used my scale to weigh the ingredients many different ways, and I came up with measurements that were very close by using the following method: for each capsule, assume that 750 mg is equal to a level ¼ teaspoon. I measured this multiple times, and every single time the weight of ¼ teaspoon fell between 717 mg and 789 mg. This is a 4.4% to 5 % margin of error, and in the case of psyllium (which in the case of Metamucil, for example, is dosed as “rounded teaspoons”—a completely, wildly inaccurate type of measurement!), this margin of error is entirely negligible. For the chia seed and flaxseed, which are often used as supplements in smoothies, and which make up only 20% of the total mixture, the variation is also completely negligible.

My blend mixed with small amount of water

My blend mixed with small amount of water

So: How to take this, since it is not in the admittedly handy capsules? I prefer to measure the mixture into a pint glass, add a small amount of water, stir quickly, and then down it like a shot. I then fill the glass with water, stir again to dislodge any leftover ingredients, and drink the remaining water (psyllium works by absorbing water and swelling up, so you should drink plenty of water after taking the supplement). Note: DO NOT LET THE MIXTURE SIT IN WATER! Psyllium absorbs the water quickly, and it turns into a thick, pasty, gooey, gel, and nobody wants to try to choke that down! Seriously, add the water, stir, and then down it within a few seconds! You can always avoid the gel effect by adding more water, but it will still be somewhat slimy in texture if you let it sit for long—I prefer to get it down quickly! Then follow up right after with more water to rinse it down.

Slimy Psyllium after sitting for two minutes--nobody wants this!

Slimy Psyllium after sitting for two minutes–nobody wants this! Please note–this should NEVER HAPPEN. This is why I say you should drink it QUICKLY, like a shot!

To measure the proper amount of the powder, you have several options you could use a ¼ teaspoon measuring spoon and measure two or three scoops, depending on your preference (remembering that one scoop is equivalent to one capsule). To make it easier, though, you can use a single ½ teaspoon measuring spoon to estimate two capsules, or you can buy a special measuring spoon set that includes a ¾ teaspoon measuring spoon (a rather uncommon size), and use a single scoop of that as an equivalent to 3 capsules (I use the ¾ teaspoon measurement myself, before breakfast and again before dinner.

I hope I have helped to save you some money, as well as helped to keep your runway clear 😉





40 thoughts on “Pure For Men Is Not a Scam, but It IS a Rip-off—Save Your Money!

  1. Ivan

    You are paying for convenience of capsule forms IMO. Your method is a lot cheaper, yes, but you are not taking it in capsule form

    1. Frankie

      This is only true insofaras some value is added from the cost of labour involved in procurement and preparation (including any value lost to spoilage and facilities). If you have prepared this mixture yourself, you know the actual labour cost is miniscule and it has a long shelf life if stored correctly. Anything you pay beyond the cost of that labour convenience is Pure’s mark-up.

      Where I live it costs less than ordering one bottle of pure, a meagre 3 week supply, to make yourself a 7 month supply of this mixture. There is simply no way that “convenience” sufficiently explains a roughly tenfold markup (probably higher given they buy commercial volumes).

  2. Evan

    This is amazing!
    Thank you so much for doing this and putting it online. I have been looking for something that can truely replace pure for men at a fraction of the cost, because in all honesty they did work incredibly, but it was just way too expensive. I already bought psyllium husk capsules to try and replace pure for men, and while it works, the results haven’t been just as good. As soon as I’m done finishing off the capsules I already have, I cannot wait to try this out!
    Thank you again! :))))

  3. Torrey Green

    Thanks, Angus. I will never bottom without douching. I just don’t think it’s smart or safe, but it’s good to know I can make something that might make things easier.

    1. Samuele

      Thanks for this article.
      I bought a capsule filler on wish(dot)com for 10$ and now I am making my own pure for men pills 😉

  4. joseph

    You are a damn genius! Thank you for going through the trouble of writing all that and providing all the steps to make it a logical and a valuable article! This is great thank you so much!!!

    1. Dalton

      Holden, I am finally giving this a try soon. I have about enough Pure For Men left to last me another 8-10 days and then I’m going so start using the blend and see if results are the same.

  5. unknown

    First of all, thank you for sharing this with all and all making this effort to explain this logically.
    I’m wondering though about the 4th ingredient which is: Aloe Vera I mean this thing is also important for the digestive and if we can add it too so maybe the ratio will change a bit and then we have the same product’s ingredients and get the same results I think for way cheaper.
    but I have no idea if this works really the same I didn’t hear yet from anyone who tried this way, although I don’t find a reason to not give the same results. I may try this but first I need to make sure to get the right things to keep the mixture good to use for a long time because that’s will last for a long time.

    1. Angus Post author

      That ingredient is just aloe vera, which is commonly available as a juice or gel. It is present in such small concentrations that it really is negligible. If you want to buy some to take along with the other things, it might settle your stomach slightly.

    1. Angus Post author

      Considering this formula duplicates the capsules as closely as possible, yes. But you can of course adjust timing to your own needs. Some people take it every day, while others use it according to anticipated need 😉

  6. Andrew

    Okay don’t judge me too harshly for what I’m about to say, but here goes. I came out relatively later in life (27 years old, I’m 29 now) and I had never bottomed before. About a year ago, I got into a relationship and prior to it being ‘consummated,’ I did a ton of research on what to do to avoid a messy experience. That’s when I found Pure for Men. At first, it was AMAZING! I had been really pushing it at the gym to get rid of my beer gut and the product not only helped me lose weight (by adding healthy fiber to my diet) but it also made my first bottoming experience… well, ‘pure,’ so to speak.
    Okay, here’s the issue: I’ve found that, nearly a year later of taking it, the product has stopped working for me and it’s not producing the laxative, cleansing effect anymore.. I got worried and started taking four pills twice a day but I feel absolutely crazy taking EIGHT pills a day! Is there something else I should be taking? I was wondering if you (or any other wise gay mentors) can help me understand what’s going on and what to do. Thanks in advance! Sorry for the long post.

    1. David

      My recommendation is to stop using the product for a week or two and then go back to it. From my understanding your body can get used to the dose and can stop being as effective. I have no medical or scientific proof that it works – just based on reading others experiencing the same problem and how they fixed it.

    2. Mike

      The Most likely cause of the change would be a change in diet such increasing animal fat/protein consumption. Go threw what your eating and see if you have made changes that you don realize you have made.

  7. Lane

    I would suggest you could save even more money if you have your own high-powered blender (Vitamix or Blend-Tec) and are willing to buy whole seeds and grind them yourself. Just another option to consider.

  8. Keanu

    I’ve been using this formula to make my own DIY pure for men for a few months now. I think it’s fantastic and thank you so much for sharing. I am however, not having the exact same results from using this exact formula. I’m wanting to play around with the ratios a bit to see if I can have any different results. Any one else had any luck playing around with the ratios a bit?

    1. Myles

      I have used this recipe for about a year. Works well so thank you to the author! I realized earlier on that the dosage as described here doesn’t give the desired effect, it worked but required taking it twice a day and still having to clean up but I switched the dosage. So @Keanu up the dosage and see how it goes. Do it incrementally. I use one tablespoon of the blend per day and it pretty much works great and I dont have to worry about anything! I don’t even have to douche anymore. I’m also vegetarian so that might also contribute. Hope this helps!

      1. Adam

        I’ve been using this formula for a while, but for me it’s not working as good as pure, can you share your formula/dosage?

    1. Angus Post author

      Of course you can mix up a batch and use as needed. As noted, the dosing regimen most people use is twice daily.

  9. Olaf

    Cool, ut you made one mistake- aloe vera is one of the most important contents of pure for men! Why? Powdered aloe vera juice has a osmotic laxative effect- it mens, that colon keeps a bit more water inside. The water soaks into the psyllium husk, and makes cleaning process really, really stronger.
    Aloe vera juice powder is expensive, so you can use milk of magnesia (old, good magnesium hydroxide)

  10. Matthew

    I think this recipe is great but it’s not an exact match. As noted above there is one ingredient missing and I think the ratio of chia is off. My partner notices a difference using pure for men vs home made. Too bad we made over 600 capsules lol

  11. Evan

    I made this stuff about a year ago taking it on and off when needed, and it’s still got a long way to go! I got about halfway through the mason jar I was keeping it in before making some more this last week.

    I actually just bought a capsule press online and a pack of 1,000 empty capsules so that I could make my very own pills, so I’m excited to see if taking it that way affects the effectiveness. With the press and capsules I think I’m starting to pay a bit more than just buying Pure, but the fact that I just made 300 pills with about 1 2/3 cup makes me feel like it’s worth it in the long run!

  12. James

    So did anyone actually use the Aloe powder others said was missing? And if so what amount did you use for your batch, I’m wanting to try it out

    1. Amine

      Hi James,
      so I went in with these measurements
      500 grams of psyllium Husk, 220 grams of ground flaxseed, 240 grams of ground chia seeds, about 110 grams of Aloe Vera Powder.
      It seems to be working, but it only has been Three Days since I started it
      I would let you know how it’s going.

        1. Amine

          Hello James.
          I made a tiny adjustment since the first batch made me a little bit gasy
          and made my tummy growl. so I whisked in another 350 grams of psyllium husk which made it perfect no gas, no weird stomach noises.

          so the ultimate recipe that is working perfectly for me is

          about 850 to 900 grams of psyllium husk + 220 grams of ground flaxseed, + 240 grams of ground Chia + 110 grams of Aloe Vera Powder

          which makes my mixture almost 57 to 60% psyllium husk, 15% flaxseed, 15% Chia and around 9 to 10 % aloe Vera powder

          I made these adjustments on the 20th of September, like I’ve said no bloating, no growling, no gas.
          if you have already made your batch fear not, because you can always whisk in the 350 to 400 grams of psyllium husk to the batch.

          1. Snow

            Hello Amine.

            Thanks for the batch measurements, I’m planning on making the same one very soon.

            I’m just wondering how to store the mixture so that nothing goes bad.

          2. XayLeno

            hi anime, do you happen to have an update on your experience with your batch? thank you <3

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