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My name is Angus, and this site was inspired by a particular photo of me that was very humbling.  I had truly not realized how much fat I had gained and how much muscle I had lost until I saw this photo, which was taken of me one day at a swimming hole near Austin, TX.  I have decided to get myself back in shape, and this website will chronicle my journey back to fitness.  I have decided to use primarily the Grok or Primal Method, and I will be sharing tips on my specific exercise plans, as well as recipes and other things. I will regularly update my progress with unedited photos.

I also like to have fun, so I’ll be sharing stuff about my trips and my interests.  Part of the reason I was inspired to start this project was because I had planned to go to Southern Decadence in New Orleans last week (Labor Day 2011), but Tropical Storm Lee changed those plans.  I still intend to go next year, and my goal (my only real goal, since this is kind of a big experiment for me) is to be in good enough shape that I won’t be embarrassed to go shirtless at Southern Decadence 2012!

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