Monthly Archives: August 2012

Time for an Update…I Lost Over 40 Pounds in the Last Year!

That’s right. I really should update this thing more regularly! I began about a year ago, and my plan was to be in good enough shape that I would feel comfortable walking around shirtless at Southern Decadence this weekend. Did I reach my goal? Not exactly, but that has more to do with my body image issues than my size. I weighed myself shortly after starting on this journey, and I have lost 43 pounds so far. I still have another 15 or 20 to go before I’m totally happy.

So how did I do it? Well, I did not follow the Primal Method precisely. I walked more than before, but not every day and not consistently. Many of my walks were only one or two mile walks. I did not lift weights more than about a dozen times last year. The biggest change I made was cutting out the grains and sugar, and it is THAT change to which I attribute my weight loss. I am much thinner than last August. I will take some pictures and put them up soon. But first things first. This weekend is Southern Decadence! I will be there from Friday until Monday, and I hope to see a whole bunch of people there! I love New Orleans, and I am so excited that the bad weather hit a few days before the festivities this year. I will write more when I get back, and I hope to have some photos to share of my weekend at Southern Decadence!