Why Fatty15 is a Scam

Have you seen this scam product Fatty15 and wondered about it? I’m going to explain exactly why it’s a scam. It is a “newly discovered” essential fatty acid (meaning one your body can’t make, but one that benefits you, so you must consume it as part of your diet). One capsule contains 424 mg of this fatty acid, which is 15:0, meaning it is a saturated medium-chain acid with 15 carbon atoms in it. It’s also called pentadecanoic acid, and its existence has long been known. The recent part is the discovery of its beneficial effect on cell flexibility and resilience. The cost is $1.66 per capsule! As a comparison, this fatty acid is part of dairy fat. One tablespoon of heavy cream contains 540 mg of pentadecanoic acid. A pint of heavy cream contains 32 tablespoons, at a cost of something like 8 cents per tablespoon. If you use heavy or regular cream or butter as part of your diet, you do not have any use for this supplement. The only possible use I can see for this very expensive supplement is for very strict vegans, as there are no plant sources of pentadecanoic acid. Science has known for some time now that humans should only consume full-fat dairy, and avoid lowfat or nonfat dairy products, so if you are still consuming those products, which (counter-intuitively) are known to contribute to obesity, switch to full-fat dairy (which is associated with reduced obesity) and skip this outrageously expensive product.

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