Pure For Men Is Not a Scam, but It IS a Rip-off—Save Your Money!

Psyllium, Ground Flaxseed, and Ground Chia

If you have opened Grindr or spent much time looking at the gay press lately, you have probably seen some ads pop up for a new product called “Pure for Men”. It is a product that promises to “Keep your runway clear for landing” (a clever tag line—these guys are great at marketing—which is good, since the success of their product is mostly due to that marketing). Pure for Men is basically a bulking laxative that promises to make your bowel movements more easily and completely eliminated from your body, leaving your lower colon “clean”—and ready for bottoming. No more enemas or shower wands—several customers have said they just shower and . . . → Read More: Pure For Men Is Not a Scam, but It IS a Rip-off—Save Your Money!

BASIS by Elysium Health (including coupon code)

EDIT: If you are only looking for the working discount code, use this to save $10: Y8LQ0L

I recently saw an article about BASIS by Elysium Health. The gist of the article is that one of the world’s leading experts on aging, MIT biology professor Lenny Guarente, has banded together with some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to bring to market a product that he believes has a great deal of potential to slow the process of aging in the human body. The process of taking his drug through human trials as part of the FDA approval would take years and be very expensive, so he has chosen to get it to market by . . . → Read More: BASIS by Elysium Health (including coupon code)

On the Occasion of My 45th Birthday

I turned 45 today, and my mother turned 66 (I was born on her 21st birthday, just so any of you who might be so inclined don’t have to do any subtraction). My mother and I are both overweight, just as my grandmother was before us. This year, I intend to break that cycle for good.

Although I’ve posted a few things on this site already, I mean this to be the real foundational post for my site. I was prompted to start this site when I realized how out of shape I had gotten, and I want to chronicle my progress as I get back in shape. I’m giving myself a . . . → Read More: On the Occasion of My 45th Birthday

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